Each disc carries up to 60 circular optical sound tracks, capturing the actual
waveforms of the recorded instruments. Each track has an optical sensor that reads out the signal, and feeds a bank of keyboard controlled, clickless switches that sum any or all of the tracks into the master output signal. The Optigan disc format assigns the 37 inner tracks to continuous keyboard tones,low-to-high, and uses the outer 20 tracks to play back the rhythm and special effects tracks. The tracks all loop at a common rate (1 .5 to 3.5 seconds, depending on disc), which establishes a natural rhythm to the recorded program. The musician quickly falls into the rhythm pattern, changing chords and notes in time to the recorded performance, thus producing a satisfyingly interactive experience. The original Optigan program discs came in many popular styles, and our new disc mastering system has enabled us to create and release never-issued discs from the master tapes rescued and preserved by Pea Hicks. In addition, we have mastered original discs, some of which go much further in exploiting the cyclical nature of the playback loop, resulting in loop libraries with endlessly entertaining combinations. The Orchestron format uses only the outside 37 tracks for keyboard tones, and rearranges them so that adjacent notes are harmonically related. This improved a chronic Optigan tendency for crosstalk to creep in from adjacent tracks, which are only a half-tone apart. The PANOPTIGON has a selector for these and other possible track assignments, plus an optical alignment adjustment which compensates for minor variations and thus nulls out cross-talk.


- Computer controlled motor for accurate pitch control

- Air-flotation gently supports the disc with minimal contact

. Plays multiple formats: Optigan, Orchestron, and Panoptigon program discs

- MIDI controlled from a standard keyboard, with after-touch, sustain, vibrato, start/stop and reverse playback

- Strobe lines and start-of-Ioop mark on new discs support concert pitch tuning, pitch bend, modulation, and accurate transposition

- Includes pro-grade stereo DSP effects and audio outputs

- Compact turntable format offering far sturdier and more reliable constructions than bulky and fragile consoles

- SYNC ports for controlling a second player

- Headphone output

How much will they be?

We are targeting a price of $3,999

So when can I get one? 

Your best bet is to join the email list here or contact Pea at

Hi Res photos below!